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Ending Hunger

2022 UCU Ending Hunger Campaign

UCU is here for U, and for Mainers throughout the state. This year, we begin our sixth year of the UCU Ending Hunger Campaign, with a continued pledge of matching up to $25,000 in total donations made through the end of 2022. Generous donations made by our members, friends and neighbors have helped make an impact for people across the state, by providing their next meal. Together, we can end hunger in Maine.

Join UCU in fighting food insecurity by supporting Ending Hunger, funding local food pantries both within our communities and campus communities, and make a donation today. Your donation could help a family down the road financially impacted by the pandemic or economic strain, or a university student struggling to balance classes with the need to work for income. For that reason, we want to do our part along with your help to support the local food pantries.

As we begin this season of giving, we ask that you consider donating to our Ending Hunger Campaign and support our local communities. Your donation will help people facing hunger in our state.

For the fifth consecutive year, UCU will match up to $25,000 in donations to our Ending Hunger Campaign.

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