Youth Accounts

A penny saved is a penny earned. So break out those piggy banks and start saving, and spending, with UCU where we will work to advance your child's financial well-being in every stage of life. Whether you're opening your child's first-ever savings account, or your teen is looking to gain a little more financial freedom with a checking account, we have you covered! Here at UCU, we believe that accounts are much more than just deposits and withdrawals. We strive to provide our members with the necessary resources to make informed and knowledgeable financial decisions with our member education platforms and friendly, local, UCU reps. UCU is here for U and your child to give them the confidence they need to be financially successful.

Open a youth account today! Get started with one of the options below.

Monty Moose

For members age 12 or younger, our Monty Moose account is your membership account. Open with just a minimum deposit of $5. Parents can open an account for their child, separate from their own.

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No membership fee
  • Monty Moose Certificates only require a $250 minimum deposit

UCU promotes financial literacy and the importance of saving, and our Monty Moose program is a great way to start early! Every time a Monty Moose member visits a UCU branch and makes a deposit into their Monty Moose account (or their parent/guardian does so for them), they will receive one "UCU Buck". The Monty Moose member can cash in that UCU Buck for a small toy the day they receive it or save up their bucks for higher valued toys!* This is a fun way for children to learn the fundamentals of saving!

*"UCU Bucks" have no cash value and gifts/toys may vary from branch to branch.

Coloring Pages

Who doesn't like to doodle? Get creative and have fun!

U First Teen Checking

We are putting U First with our teen checking account. This account keeps your teen on the go with a great mobile app, 2 Oops passes a year, no minimum balances, and much more.

U First gives your teen the financial independence they have been asking for. This account is a perfect way for teens to save or spend their allowance or part-time job earnings. U First is for UCU members 13 - 17 years old and offers the following awesome benefits:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly service fees
  • 2 Oops Passes per year
  • Free online financial education with U Financially Fit Teen
  • Easy to set up direct deposit
  • Large surcharge-free ATM network with UCU and SURF ATMs
  • Easy transfer of funds

U Financially Fit Teen

U Financially Fit Teen features three engaging playlists of content, each made up of three to five 10-minute modules. The modules are developed for 7th-12th grade students and feature timely & relevant story lines, diverse characters, and fun interactions to engage students around critical financial topics.

Graduating from youth accounts?

At UCU, our mission is to advance your financial well-being in every stage of life, so your financial journey with UCU has only just begun when you graduate from our youth accounts. Looking to buy your first car? Consider an auto loan at UCU! Looking to further your education once you graduate from high school? We have education loans! Buying your first home? Congrats! UCU is here for U and all of your home buying needs. Growing up is fun, and financially savvy, with UCU!