Paying Your Loan

We know every UCU members has different preferences, so we offer a variety of easy ways to make your loan payments. Whether you prefer to pay your loan online on the UCU Mobile App, from your home computer in Digital Banking, or like to come in to the branch and do it in-person, there's many convenient ways to make payments towards your UCU loans.

See the list below for a variety of options:

Payment MethodDetailsFee
Digital BankingLogin to your Digital Banking account from your home computer and click Transfers & Payments.Free
UCU Mobile AppLogin to the UCU Mobile App, and tap Transfer.Free
(Message and Data rates may apply.)
Automatic Payment from UCU AccountSet up automatic payments to your loans from your UCU account.Free
In-PersonVisit your local UCU branch.Free
Video TellerVisit one of our Video Teller Machines during business hours.Free
Shared BranchingVisit another credit union that participates in Shared Branching.Free
Skip - A - PayApply to skip a UCU consumer loan payment$25/loan, available 1x per loan per year
Pay from an Outside Financial InstitutionOptions Below
Recurring ACH from an Outside Financial InstitutionSet up recurring ACH payments from an outside financial institution.$5 one-time
Online Loan Payment Portal One-time PaymentFor members that do not use Digital Banking and want to make an online payment by ACH or debit card from an outside financial institution.$7/payment
Online Loan Payment Portal Recurring PaymentSet up monthly recurring ACH payment from an outside financial institution.$2/payment
Pay with a debit card over the phone or in-personMake a loan payment using a card, either over the phone or in-person from an outside financial institution.$10/payment
Loan Payment BookUse a loan payment booklet to mail in your loan payment.$12/booklet