Purpose Statement & Core Values

Purpose Statement

Here for U - Dedicated to promote financial well-being for you and your community.

Core Values

It is our desire and intent to live and display these values daily in the ways that we treat our members as well as each other.


We will be sensitive to the needs of others, be active in our communities, educate our members, know our members personally, and treat them with dignity and respect.

Honesty and Integrity

We will stand behind our products and services, provide accurate information, and keep our commitments to our members and employees.


We will maintain the strictest of confidence, conduct ourselves in an appropriate business manner, and invest in the professional development of our employees.


We will respond to all member requests timely and accurately, make sacrifices to help others, and recognize our members and employees for their achievements.


We will create a fun and welcoming atmosphere, sponsor events, and participate in activities that build relationships both in and out of the workplace.