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The day that we all have been waiting for has finally arrived!  Tomorrow, September 7, 2022, University Credit Union will launch a brand-new digital banking platform that will replace the current separate Online Banking and Mobile Banking. This exciting upgrade will create a new and improved digital banking experience for our members with great new features and better functionality, including:

  • Ability to see all of your accounts with one login
  • Online account opening and loan applications
  • Online messaging and ChatBot member service
  • Ability to view and sign up for E-Statements

Please review the upgrade details below as well as our Login Tutorial and FAQs to be best prepared for the launch tomorrow!

User Login Tutorial and FAQs

This tutorial will walk you through the new login process. Our hope is that this video will be a helpful resource, as well as ensure a seamless registration for our new digital banking platform.

Watch our registration user login tutorial here!



Our FAQs will help with any questions you may have about Digital Banking, ensuring that you can quickly get an answer you may need in order to seamlessly register. Some questions you may have right now include:

Will I have to register in the new Digital Banking platform?

Yes, after the upgrade on September 7th, it will be necessary for you to re-register. You can register either online from our website, or by downloading the latest version of the Mobile Banking app.

What do I need to re-register in the new platform?

  1. Social Security Number (SSN)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Savings Account Number (Member Number) – your account number appears on your statement
  4. Access to your email address we have on file

View all of our Digital Banking Upgrade FAQs!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Members can begin registering on the new platform after 9:00 am EST on September 7th.

What to Expect on September 7th

8:00 am EST — Online and Mobile Banking member logins will be restricted and will see a “please check back soon” message. Mobile users will see a message instructing them where to download the new app.

9:00 am EST — At this time, we expect to be up and running! Please use the register button in the upper right corner to register your account on the new platform. The process is easy, and we are here to help! Be sure to use the resources provided above to assist you with registration.

We're Here for U

If you are having any issues registering on our new Digital Banking platform, contact us at 800-696-8628 and follow the prompts or stop by one of our branches. Please keep in mind that we anticipate higher-than-normal call volume and appreciate your understanding during this transition time.

Features & Functionality of Digital Banking

Frequently Asked Questions