UCU Credit Card Access

Update: UCU Credit Card information is available in Digital Banking.

Here are additional options to access your credit card information at UCU:

Call UCU 800.696.8628 (you may experience longer hold times)

Call Card Holder Services 866.820.3896

  • Automated information – enter card number, zip code to get quick account summary of:
    • Balance, Credit Available, Pending Transactions, Last Payment Amount & Date, Balance on Last Statement, Minimum Payment Amount & Due Date.
    • Further options are available, including make a payment.
      • If you select to make a payment by phone to card holder services, a fee will be assessed and UCU will refund this fee to you for this payment cycle.
  • Card Holder Services representatives can also assist you by phone.

Visit UCU In branch

Send a Secure Message through Digital Banking or LiveChat

UCU Credit Card App

Enjoy easy and on-the-go management of your credit card with the UCU Credit Card app!

Use this app for both your personal credit card and business credit card.

This app offers a convenient way to:

  • Lost or stolen card reporting with instant digital reissue
  • Quickly add card to digital wallet
  • View recent and pending transactions
  • View account details
  • Make a payment to your credit cards
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Raise a dispute on a transaction
  • Set alerts and controls on your UCU card
  • Set travel notifications
  • View rewards points

Card registration is a cinch from any mobile device, and access is secure and protected by multi-factor authentication.

Business credit card holders - your authorized card holders/users can create their own mobile account to keep up-to-date with their use and enjoy all the features the app has to offer.

Download the app and get started today!

To enroll as a new user on the app - set up a new login ID and password.
(This is not the same login as your online or mobile banking.)

Questions? Contact us by email or call 800.696.8628.

Online Privacy Policy

The UCU Online Privacy Policy can be found on our website by visiting this page.

Logging in to Credit Card App After Logging in to Credit Card App Transactions in Credit Card App

Travel Notifications in Credit Card App Reporting Lost or Stolen Card in Credit Card App