Personal Loans

We understand that everyone's loan needs are different. That's why we offer low-cost personal loan options up to $25,000 to fit your needs and help you achieve your goals! Contact UCU by email or 800 696 8628 for more information.

Use your personal loan for things like:

  • Vacations
  • Home heat costs
  • Wedding expenses
  • Adoption expenses
  • Debt consolidation
  • Starting a business
  • Moving expenses
  • Repairs to home or auto
  • Holiday loan
  • Personal projects
  • And... whatever else!

Find the latest information on loan rates within UCU Digital Banking, or call us at 207 866 8608.

Visit Digital Banking, Login, click on Credit Score and go to Loans & Offers to see details from UCU!

Credit Builder Loan

Need to rebuild your credit? Or maybe you are trying to build your credit from the ground up. Either way, UCU's Credit Builder Loan may be just what you need! Contact UCU by email or 800 696 8628 for more information.

Secured Loans

Need cash? Our secured loans offer you the ability to get cash when you need it. Our share secured loans give you the ability to borrow against funds in your share or share certificate accounts. Do you own something that can be used as collateral for your loan? New or used, UCU can lend against that collateral and work with you to satisfy your needs! Contact UCU by email or 800 696 8628 for more information.

Possibilities Include:

  • Share Secured Loan
  • Share Certificate Secured Loan
  • Secured Loan - backed by new collateral
  • Secured Loan - backed by used collateral

Linebacker Overdraft Protection

Our linebacker overdraft protection is a line of credit that helps stop those occasional charges that cause your checking account to overdraw. Cover your checks from insufficient funds and protect yourself from check writing errors. Loan advances are made in $100 increments and credit limits are available up to $5,000.