Monty Moose Youth Saving Program

For anyone age 12 or younger, our Monty Moose account is your membership account. Open with just a minimum deposit of $5. Parents can open an account for their child, separate from their own.

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No membership fee
  • Monty Moose Certificates only require a $250 minimum deposit

Teaching the Importance of Saving

UCU promotes financial literacy and the importance of saving, and our Monty Moose program is a great way to start early! Every time a Monty Moose member visits a UCU branch and makes a deposit into their Monty Moose account (or their parent/guardian does so for them), they will receive one "UCU Buck". The Monty Moose member can cash in that UCU Buck for a small toy the day they receive it or save up their bucks for higher valued toys!* Everyone at UCU hopes our Monty Moose members enjoy this program and learn the fundamentals of saving!

*"UCU Bucks" have no cash value and gifts/toys may vary from branch to branch.

Additional financial literacy resources for all ages are available on the Member Education page of our website.