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Visa Purchase Alerts

Get custom alerts about your debit and credit card purchases in real-time

Know that your account is secure and immediately identify any fraudulent activity by getting notifications about purchases made with your UCU Visa debit and credit card. You decide the types of purchases that trigger alerts, and what kind of notifications you will receive.

Keeping your account safe is our priority

We are determined to keep your accounts safe and your funds out of the hands of fraudsters. To help protect your purchases, the Visa Purchase Alerts service is offered FREE to UCU Visa debit and credit cardholders!


By alerting you on transactions you may or may not have made give you the power to immediately identify possible fraudulent activity, and keep your funds secure.


Customize what triggers purchase alerts. Set purchase amount thresholds, get informed of any international purchases, and see alerts based on transaction sources such as purchases made on the internet or over the phone.


Adjust the types of notifications you receive that makes most sense to you. Receive alerts by SMS text message, email, and more!


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