Land Loans from UCU Mortgage

Whether you’ve just seen one of the amazing vacant lots in a perfect neighborhood or a great piece of land for sale in a rural area, UCU has land loans that can help you transform your raw land dreams into real life. Our expert mortgage lenders can guide you through the process from start to finish, making it easy to purchase plots of land for building a home and more.

With a Land Purchase Loan from UCU Mortgage, you can:

  • Purchase vacant lots in urban or suburban areas for building a home
  • Buy land for sale in a rural area
  • Buy land even when you’re not ready to build a home
  • Purchase land as an investment
  • Enjoy competitive mortgage interest rates
  • Choose from flexible loan terms
  • Get affordable monthly payments

Questions about our land loans? We are happy to help. Email our Mortgage Loan Originators or give us a call at 800 696 8628.


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Why you should land on UCU for land loans

We get it. There’s something about raw land. It’s the lure of unlimited potential, the feeling that anything is possible. UCU is here to help make anything possible with our affordable land loans. And we work hard to make it happen in many ways:

We make it affordable.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, UCU is able to return the money that we make to our members. One of the ways we do this is by offering low rates on all our loans, including our land loans. By keeping our mortgage interest rates low for our land loans, we can help you live the dream of owning a piece of land – affordably.

We make it easy.

We don’t just make it affordable. We make it easy, too. We understand that buying land for sale or vacant lots can be an intimidating task, so we offer the personal help of experts who are by your side throughout the process. And our online application is quick and simple, too.

We keep it local.

We are based right here in your local area, so we make our land loan decisions locally, too. The result for you is faster, more flexible lending that helps you accomplish your goals. As a community based financial institution, UCU understands that helping our members and borrowers succeed in their goals helps us all succeed.

We make it fast.

By keeping our land loans affordable, local, and easy, we can also deliver financing faster for your land purchase. We understand that sometimes you have to act quickly to buy the land for sale that you really want, so we move quickly with you to help make it happen.

We make it about you.

As a borrower, you are our member-owner, and that makes you our priority. We show you our appreciation by offering to you personal service you just can’t find anywhere else. We also know that you are unique – and may have unique borrowing needs, so we customize our land loans to fit your life and budget. We also offer the expert guidance you need from start to close and beyond.

Great reasons to buy land with UCU

There are almost as many reasons to buy land as there are buyers of land, and the reasons range from dreamy to practical. Here are some of the top reasons to buy land with a land loan from UCU.

It’s a blank slate.

Raw land and vacant lots are nothing but potential. On them, you can envision just about anything. No matter your style or size preference, you can buy plots of land for building a home exactly to your specifications. Anything is possible. But just because you call the shots doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. At UCU, our mortgage lending experts are here to help.

It’s affordable.

Buying land for sale is a way to lock down a piece of land without the extra investment of a home – yet. For those who want to build a custom home someday, you can buy the land with an affordable land loan and hold off on the construction until you can afford to build your dream home. It’s also inexpensive to own, costing you little in taxes. Our low mortgage interest rates and closing costs make it even more affordable.

It’s a good investment.

As they say, no one is making any more land, so there is a limited supply. This means that land chosen in the right area can be a great investment that increases in value over time, even if left as raw land. Buying vacant lots in neighborhoods that are popular can also be a great way to make a return on your investment in the future.  Saving with the affordable mortgage interest rates at UCU can make it an even better investment.

It’s easy to buy.

Compared to buying a house, buying land is a breeze. UCU mortgage experts make it even easier with our personal guidance every step of the way and through the life of the loan.

It gives you comfort and independence.

Finding great land deals and buying land for sale can give you the peace of mind that you’ll always have a place to call your very own, no matter what. With UCU land loans, you have an affordable way to purchase the land you need to get away from it all or to pass down from one generation to another. Land is opportunity. Hope. Freedom. And at UCU, we’re so honored to be a part of helping you live that dream.

UCU is here for you with affordable land loans.

We make it easy.

Questions about our land loans? We are happy to help.  Email our Mortgage Loan Originators or give us a call at 800 696 8628.

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