UCU Blog post - Home Buyer Education Is for Every Buyer.

Home Buyer Education is for Everyone

May, 2023

When we think of home buyer education resources or classes, first-time home buyers with no previous home-buying experience likely come to mind. However, there are many reasons why everyone should take advantage of home-buying education opportunities like those available at UCU. This blog covers some of the reasons why:

Buying a house is complex

Buying a house is likely one of the most expensive and complex transactions you might face in your lifetime. There are many steps in the process, some legal and procedural hoops to jump through and overall it can be a delicate process. It’s important to stay up to date on the ever changing real estate market. Even those who have purchased one or more homes before can benefit from a refresher on the best way to navigate a home purchase.

Home-buying is different in every market

Every real estate market is different, featuring varying levels of competitiveness, pricing, negotiating tactics, and more. Suppose you’re buying into a market where you’ve never purchased property before, even if you’ve recently bought a home elsewhere. In that case, learning about the local home-buying environment is strongly encouraged.

Your needs (and credit) change

As time goes by your financial circumstances change, your credit changes, and what you need in a home changes. All of this means that you are different from the buyer you once were, so the type of home, neighborhood, and home loan have also likely changed over time. With the proper home buyer education, you can seek guidance on purchasing a home that fits your changing needs.

Home buyer education resources at UCU

For a more casual approach, we welcome you to dive into our member education resources, where you’ll find educational content on a wide variety of topics, including home buying. To benefit and prepare for a home purchase truly; we encourage you to attend an in-person First Time Home Buyer Course presented by UCU. This gives you a valuable opportunity to hear from the mortgage and lending experts from UCU, who usually teach the credit and lending portions of the course. You can gain current home-buying insights and most importantly, ask questions! Attendees will learn the ins and outs of the entire home-buying process, from application to closing, in a classroom setting.

While our course is called a “First Time Home Buyer” course, it’s designed for all buyers, including anyone who hasn’t purchased a new home in a while or those looking to approach home buying in a new way. Plus, by completing this home buyer course, you may become eligible for the $5,000 Maine State Housing Advantage grant to apply toward closing costs of a home purchase!

Learn more about UCU First Time Home Buying Courses.

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