Tips for Getting Financially Fit for Financial Literacy Month

March 2024 At UCU, we know that reaching your financial goals is essential – and when you know more about money management, you are more likely to navigate financial challenges successfully and achieve those goals. With April being Financial Literacy Month and Credit Union Youth Month, there has never been a more appropriate time to…

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What’s Next in Fraud

February 2024 As technology advances, you can expect fraud techniques to get more sophisticated. Today, fraud is a booming business, valued in the billions of dollars nationwide each year. What can you expect and, even more important, what can you do about it? Educating yourself is the best step, so read on for our insights…

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Make Your Money Work for You

January 24, 2024 In tight financial times, every dollar counts more than ever. You work hard for your dollars, so it’s important to make your dollars work hard for you too! Follow these tips to help maximize the impact you can make with your money. Go for High Yields One fundamental way to make your…

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Holiday shopping season with UCU credit cards.

Wise Ways To Use Credit This Holiday Season

December 7, 2023 Credit cards make it easy to navigate the additional spending you are likely to encounter this holiday season. For some people, that additional spending may come too quickly. Because credit card purchases can cause financial strain if left unchecked, creating a spending plan for your season and following a few simple tips…

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UCU’s Consumer Lending Team Adds Extra Value to Your Loan

By Abbey Ramsay, Consumer Lending Manager, AVP. November 20, 2023 In Consumer Lending here at UCU, we work with you through some of your biggest purchases, whether that be an auto, boat, camper loan, you name it. From an everyday Chevy to a Porsche 911, or a Mercedes to a motor home, we probably have…

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Protect your account with a Linebacker from UCU.

Linebacker Overdraft Protection

November 20, 2023 Shopping Season Survival Strategies Tips for managing your extra purchases through the holidays and beyond The winter holiday season is a merry time, filled with annual traditions and festivities, like picking out those just-right gifts, planning get-togethers, and decorating the house. The not-so-merry side of this season though, is all the extra…

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Cybersecurity Month Insights: Securing Your Online Life

October 2023 Martha Ward, CISSPVP of Technology & Digital Experience In all areas of your online life, security is of the utmost importance. Here are a few actions you can take to stay diligent in protecting your information from fraudsters. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication For maximum protection, use multi-factor authentication, sometimes called MFA or two-factor authentication,…

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Finding the right UCU checking account that fits your needs.

Exploring UCU’s Checking Account Options: Finding Your Perfect Fit

September, 2023 Choosing the Right Fit for You Selecting the best UCU checking account for you depends on your lifestyle and financial goals. Here are a few steps to help you make an informed decision: University Credit Union’s range of checking account options, including Kasasa Cash Back®, Kasasa Cash®, Custom Checking, and Free4Me, Premier Checking,…

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Cody Faloon, Business Services Manager.

Employee Spotlight: Cody Faloon, Business Services Manager

September 12, 2023 Cody Faloon, our Business Services Manager here at University Credit Union has worked at UCU for 16 years in various roles where he has come to meet and get to know many of our members. He’s also close with the UCU community, having grown up in the area and going to school…

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