Ending Hunger

Thanks to your generous donations along side the UCU match, together we raised $48,956!

Fundraising has concluded for 2020. Thank you to all who donated!

At UCU, we believe in being here for our communities. This year more than ever, we recognize the need to help fight against the food insecurities that exist all around us. It could be a family down the road financially impacted by the pandemic or a university student struggling to balance classes with the need to work for income. For that reason, we want to do our part along with your help and that of our vendor partners to support the local food pantries around us, including those on the university campuses and in your backyard. You are likely familiar with our Ending Hunger on Campus campaign that has supported the eight food pantries across the University of Maine System campuses in the past. This year in these difficult times, we are expanding those initiatives beyond the campuses into our communities around the state, because we are Here for U.

As we embark on this season of giving, we ask that you consider donating to our Ending Hunger Campaign and support our local communities. Your donation will go far and make such an impact. 

For the third consecutive year, UCU will match up to $25,000 in donations to our Ending Hunger Campaign.

We hope you will help us to match it all, and so far this year we have raised and matched just over $10,000. We are off to a good start, but there is much more needed to get us there.  We’d like to give the gift of food to our neighbors in need this holiday season.

In years past you could show your support while in our branch lobbies with an in-person donation. While we truly do miss seeing you, we know this year is different than any other, so we’re ready to receive your social-distanced donations, in a safe and healthy manner.

Fundraising has concluded for 2020.
Thank you to all who donated!


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