Credit Union Membership Benefits

Are you looking to enjoy more financial benefits and be a part of something better? With credit union membership benefits from University Credit Union in Maine, we're here for you with a value that goes beyond the traditional financial institution relationship. That's because wherever you are in life, UCU is here for you, providing the value, solutions, and service that help you get there.

We make all our lending decisions locally for greater flexibility and faster service. We're located throughout the state of Maine – and we're committed to strengthening our communities.

At UCU, instead of being focused on profits, we're committed to providing the best value possible. Some of these benefits include:

Lower loan rates. With lower interest rates on all our financing solutions, from personal loans, auto loans, and credit cards to home loans, education loans, and even business loans, more of your monthly payment goes toward achieving your goals and less toward interest.

Higher yields on deposits. When you earn more on your deposits, your savings build faster, helping you get more done.

Ownership status. As a credit union member, you're more than a customer. You're our owner! For this reason, pleasing you is our number one priority.

Convenience. We’re dedicated to making sure you enjoy life on your terms. That means we’ll make managing your finances as easy as possible – with digital solutions and easy access to cash and service.

Commitment to community. As a Maine-based credit union, we’re passionate about Maine and Mainers like you. We’re here for you and our community with the support and flexibility you need.

There's more to UCU membership than just your account! Experience the quality, service and convenience of UCU, join today!

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Membership Eligibility

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