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Here for U: Financial Literacy Blog

Plan for the Holidays with a UCU Personal Loan

December 13, 2021 For many Mainers, spending for the holiday season is as much a tradition as the holiday festivities themselves. From checking off mile-long gift lists and decking the halls to traveling and entertaining, the ways to spend, spend, spend seem endless, and unless you have an endless stockpile of cash, you more than…

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Third Party Personal Finance Apps

December 6, 2021 This is a topic we get asked about frequently – third party personal finance apps. If you choose to use a third party app outside of UCU to manage your finances or make payments, please be aware that some apps will automatically pull in account information when you use your online banking…

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Planning for the Holidays With Your UCU Credit Card

November 12, 2021 A credit card is more than a piece of plastic, it can be a great financial tool, especially during the holiday season. Your UCU credit card offers a convenient and affordable way to make gift purchases, book travel arrangements, plan festive nights out, and so much more – but using it the…

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Meet our Mortgage Lending Team!

UCU’s Mortgage Loan Originators are dedicated to helping members through every step of the real estate lending process, and can help you evaluate the best options to suit your needs. Reach out to them individually using their contact information below, or contact the whole group by email:, or by calling: 800 696 8628. Jason…

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Your Homebuying Financial Checklist

May 17, 2021 When buying a home, you may have many things on your wish list from the number of bedrooms and type of floorplan to your most-desired neighborhood amenities. Envisioning a home that checks all the boxes on your list is exciting, and walking into “that” home for the first time can take your…

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Money Smarts

College Financial Literacy Basics There’s no question that college is expensive. However, acquiring a higher education is one of the best ways to set yourself on a path toward greater earning power and an elevated standard of living. Education will help you pursue a path that you believe will bring you a lifetime of happiness…

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Paying student loans online

To Do List: Paying Back Student Loans

By Lesley Ridge, Campus Branch Manager at UCU When I survey students on campus and ask what financial topic they want to hear about, time after time, the answer is budgeting, establishing credit, and paying back student loans. These three topics pretty much go hand in hand, but let’s take a look at tips on…

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Meet Our Certified Financial Counselors! (and Campus Branch Managers)

Whether a student from our campus communities, a prospective or existing member across the state, our Certified Financial Counselors are available to answer any questions you may have on products/services, or assist you with financial counseling. All three of UCU’s Campus Branch Managers have successfully completed the Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) through the Credit…

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Staying connected during a pandemic

Staying Connected During a Pandemic

By Lesley Ridge, Campus Branch Manager at UCU We are roughly about six months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are used to mask wearing, keeping social distance, and excessive hand washing by now. Through all this, many have probably felt at one time or another, scared, anxious, or tired, and may have asked, “when…

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Car Buying 101 - Dealers and Private Sales

Car Buying 101 – Dealers and Private Sales

By Abbey Ramsay, Consumer Lending Manager at UCU Dealers vs. Private Sales In my opinion, shopping for the vehicle is the best most exciting part! Granted some will disagree but, it’s really your time to ask yourself what you need in a vehicle, (for me it’s plaid seats and a turbo). For most, these are…

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