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Depositing Funds. Earning Interest. Reaching Goals!

July, 2023 While stuffing a piggy bank may have been the savings method of choice in your younger years, you don’t have to be a financial expert to know this strategy should be left behind in childhood. As a busy individual with complex financial needs, you deserve a better alternative to simply holding on to…

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Scams & Fraud: Understanding Risks and Avoiding Traps

June 1, 2023 Scams and fraud are more common than we think. It is important to stay up to date on trending scams to help protect yourself and stay ahead of fraud before it happens. Understanding Risks Associated with Common Scams & Fraud: Medicare/Health Insurance Scams: Banking Scams: Telephone Scams: Internet Fraud: Social Media Scams:…

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UCU Blog post - Home Buyer Education Is for Every Buyer.

Home Buyer Education is for Everyone

May, 2023 When we think of home buyer education resources or classes, first-time home buyers with no previous home-buying experience likely come to mind. However, there are many reasons why everyone should take advantage of home-buying education opportunities like those available at UCU. This blog covers some of the reasons why: Buying a house is…

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Prioritize financial fitness for teens and the whole family.

Prioritizing Financial Fitness for Teens

April, 2023 April isn’t just tax season, it’s also financial literacy season! April is both National Financial Literacy Month and National Credit Union Youth Month, providing a little inspiration to get your teen more financially fit. Even more inspiring is the vision of your teen learning to better navigate the financial world, acquiring the money…

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Putting U First

UCU’s message to members in light of the recent bank failures. March 14, 2023 Since 1967, UCU has been here for our members. For Maine. And for you, wherever you see yourself today and through every stage of life. As a not-for-profit financial institution, we’re owned by our members, not outside stockholders. This means you’re…

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2022 President’s Message

February 15, 2023 Throughout 2022, we were faced with some of the most challenging economic conditions in decades, including an uncertain rate environment and rising inflation. UCU navigated all of this with dedication and focus to be here on an individual level for each of our member-owners. Despite the challenges, in 2022 UCU continued to…

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Best Way to Buy a House in 2023

February 21, 2023 In 2020, the experience of buying a home in Maine seemed to evolve overnight. From bidding wars and price hikes to properties getting snapped up in minutes, the challenges were endless. Fortunately for first-time home-buyers, the 2023 home buying season will likely be very different than what buyers experienced over the last…

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Couple doing their holiday shopping with UCU credit card.

Preparing for the holidays, and how your UCU credit card makes it easy

December 15, 2022 The holiday season is officially in full swing, bringing with it many opportunities for gatherings, traditions – and spending. With so much to do, bake, eat, make, wrap, give and buy, we know it’s nice to have a little help, something to make all your holiday preparations convenient, rewarding, and secure. That’s…

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First Time Home Buyer Courses are Back In-Person

October 26, 2022 We are glad to share that the popular First Time Home Buyer Courses are back in-person! That’s right, now you can learn the ins and outs of the entire home buying process, ask questions, and talk to experts all in a classroom setting again. Although it was an incredible effort by all…

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Don't be Spooked by Cybersecurity Month

Don’t be Spooked by Cybersecurity Month

October 21, 2022 October is usually a spooky time of year, as everyone prepares for Halloween, and for us Mainers, winter (AHH!) The month is also eerie for another reason though, it is Cybersecurity Month! Although Cybersecurity itself isn’t spooky, the thought of falling victim to a cybercriminal certainly is. So how do you avoid…

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