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Linebacker Overdraft Protection

November 20, 2023

Shopping Season Survival Strategies

Tips for managing your extra purchases through the holidays and beyond

The winter holiday season is a merry time, filled with annual traditions and festivities, like picking out those just-right gifts, planning get-togethers, and decorating the house. The not-so-merry side of this season though, is all the extra spending can severely strain your household budget and even create unwanted debt. There is simply no avoiding the fact that your expenses and purchases may increase during this time.

During this season, you will certainly see many financial resources that seem convenient initially, like buy-now pay-later services, but create problems later. Purchases made through these popular services can rack up incredibly high interest charges.

These financial resources, as convenient as some may find them to be, can ultimately have enormous consequences for shoppers. Thankfully, UCU can help.

Powerful Protection for You

At UCU, one alternative comes from our Linebackers. Linebackers serve as a line of credit linked directly to your UCU checking account. When needed, it helps cover charges that would otherwise cause your checking account to overdraw, sparing you from merchant and overdraft fees. Linebackers can also be a useful line of credit when you’d like to buy now and pay later though.

Unlike the predatory interest rates shoppers find through buy-now pay-later services, Linebackers offer annual percentage rates similar to what many credit cards provide. As a result, Linebackers are an affordable option for those who may find themselves financially stressed during the holiday season.

It also requires no third party, separate app, or new account. Simply apply with UCU to add a Linebacker to your checking account, and once activated, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered when you make purchases with your own UCU checking account.

Linebackers are also an excellent tool for building credit when used responsibly.

More Survival Strategies

Even with Linebackers working to protect you from overdrafts, we recommend some additional steps to help ensure your holiday season doesn’t leave you with any unpleasant financial surprises:

  • Create a holiday budget. This means looking at your available cash and income and comparing those against your other expenses and holiday buying list. While credit options are available to help smooth out cash flow for you until after the holiday season, creating a holiday budget is a good idea that won’t create a long-term financial burden.
  • Throughout the season, we recommend routinely checking the status and balances of your financial accounts. This can help ensure you keep track of spending and allow you to spot any potentially fraudulent charges on your account.
  • Once the holidays are over, it’s also a good idea to pay any credit debt down quickly and start building savings for next year’s holiday season.

Surviving the financial strain of the holidays is entirely possible with the right strategies to help you focus on the season’s joy. For more personal help finding ways to navigate spending during the holidays and all year, stop by or call us at 800.696.8628.

To apply for a Linebacker, click here.