Planning for the Holidays With Your UCU Credit Card

November 12, 2021

A credit card is more than a piece of plastic, it can be a great financial tool, especially during the holiday season. Your UCU credit card offers a convenient and affordable way to make gift purchases, book travel arrangements, plan festive nights out, and so much more – but using it the right way is key. Here’s some tips on how you can make the best use of the great benefits and features your UCU credit card offers, this holiday season.

Budget your expenses and plan your payments

Planning your holiday budget is the first step to a stress-free and joy-filled holiday season because it ensures you don’t end up going overboard on purchases. By setting and sticking to your holiday budget, you’ll be able to manage your holiday expenses and plan out your payments. With a UCU credit card, you’ll enjoy an affordable low rate that will reduce the amount of interest you have to pay over time, versus a higher rate card. Lower interest rates save you money and help you pay off your holiday expenses faster.

UCU Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Take advantage of your rewards points

When you use a Platinum Rewards VISA® credit card from UCU for your purchases, you earn one point for every net dollar spent. You’ll probably be making more purchases during the holiday season, and those points can add up quick! You can then redeem those rewards points for merchandise, travel, entertainment, or even exchange them for cash back – which is essentially like saving on all of your holiday expenses.

Shop with confidence and peace of mind

One of the best benefits about UCU credit cards, aside from their convenience, is security. All UCU credit cards feature superior EMV chip technology and zero liability protection so you can shop knowing that your purchases are protected. By using the chip on your card when you pay, the transaction information gets encrypted and your card number and personal data is protected. If your card is lost or stolen and someone attempts to make fraudulent purchases with it, you will have zero liability. The card can even be “turned off” and marked as lost or stolen within the UCU Credit Card App – no problem!

Don’t have a UCU credit card yet? Switching is easy (and could save you money)!

If you are using a non-UCU credit card for purchases (it’s okay, we understand), another great option is to transfer the higher-rate balances to a new UCU credit card. There’s no balance transfer fee, and you get an introductory balance transfer rate of just 3.99% APR* for the first 12 months of having your new UCU credit card. That alone could potentially save you a lot of money over time, and by lowering your interest rate, you’ll be able to pay off your balance faster.

Happy Holidays!

Hopefully these tips will help you get the most out of your UCU credit card during the holidays, but if you have any more questions about UCU credit cards, how to use certain benefits or features, or to apply for a new UCU credit card, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends at UCU!

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The introductory APR for balance transfers is 3.99% for 12 billing cycles from the date of account opening. After that, your APR will revert to your APR for purchases which will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate and your credit worthiness. The introductory APR for balance transfers will apply to transactions posted to your account during the first 90 days following the opening of your account. Any existing balances on University Credit Union loan or credit card accounts are not eligible for the introductory APR for balance transfers.