Blog: Online Auto Dealerships

December 13, 2021

Abbey Ramsay, UCU Consumer Loan Manager

It’s not hard to see that online shopping has really taken over the world! In fact, I just ordered my groceries online to pick up later today. No need to spend hours of my day walking up and down the aisle searching for the things. This all leads into the question is there anything that can’t be bought online?

A new trend in the lending world is online vehicle sales, and it’s not just brick and mortar dealerships simply advertising their vehicles online. Some companies, or online dealerships, are offering the full process online or by phone. They boast a quick and easy process that promises a vehicle delivered at your door, no price negotiations, no hours spent at a dealership waiting for paperwork. Is it really that easy to get a vehicle online? Here are some pros and cons we have seen from our members using these services:

The good: If you are seeking a hard to find vehicle with a specific set of features, sometimes online auto buying can be a great way to find the exact vehicle you are looking for. The reason for this is their huge nationwide selection of vehicles. In most cases everything can be processed from the comfort of your home.

The bad: The top negatives we have heard from our members using these services are difficulty communicating with the company once the car is delivered. Other members have had experiences where the vehicle has some major mechanical problems once delivered. Some Maine-based members have experienced many of these companies do not deliver to Maine for free as they do to other locations.

As with any situation, the experience and needs are personal to our members. We are here to help any member through any auto buying process from standard in-person dealer transaction, or with buying a vehicle online and more. Connect with a UCU consumer loan originator as soon as you begin the process, regardless of how you buy your vehicle. We do our best to make it as easy as possible and be with our members every step of the way.