Saving money in a jar

Saving as an Everyday Routine

June 12, 2019

If your big picture goal is to save towards that dream vacation to Hawaii or that sports car you want to drive with the top down, you should first take a look at your daily expenditures. When you add up your daily grind expenses you may be surprised at the amount of money you could save or put towards bills.

Here are some everyday ways to save:

• Eat out less often, and brown bag your lunches
• Decrease the frequency of small impulse purchases like those daily coffee shop stops
• Use grocery store reward programs, clip coupons, and buy generic when possible
• Re-sell unwanted items before going shopping for new items, and keep an eye out for retail sales on things you need
• Review household and utility expenses; Cut duplicated services or ones not used, i.e. having a cell phone and a landline, or cable and a streaming service
• Pay bills online to save postage and paper, like UCU’s bill payer within Online Banking
• Get creative on fun things to do with friends and family to cut expenses
• As you work toward that dream vacation goal, try stay-cations instead to explore local and regional area attractions, versus destination travel and expense, to create savings for your household

These are just a few ideas to cut expenses and save daily. Even if you choose to do one of these items, you will be surprised at how much you may save, and the convenience it may bring to your household. American Radio Show host and Businessman Dave Ramsey says it best, “You’ve got to tell your money what to do or it will leave.”

Lesley Ridge
Campus Branch Manager