Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get started using your UMaine Alumni Platinum Rewards Visa!

1. Activate your UMaine Alumni Platinum Rewards VISA

Follow the instructions included with your UMaine Alumni Platinum Rewards VISA to activate your card.

2. Login to Online Banking

Login to your Online Banking account above, or click on "Register".

3. View your account information

Once logged in, you'll see all accounts associated with your UCU membership. For more information on your UMaine Alumni Platinum Rewards VISA, including detailed transaction and statement history, plus access to UMaine Alumni Platinum Rewards, click on the More Details button on the account summary.


Within the More Details section, you can also access the CURewards Mall where you can redeem and manage your points.

Follow the steps below to start using your UMAA Platinum Rewards VISA Card rewards.

  1. Click on the CURewards button location on the right of the card center screen to see a quick snapshot of your current points total.
  2. To access the full CURewards center, where you can redeem points and browse all the UMAA Platinum Rewards VISA Card rewards offerings, click the Rewards button.
  3. Inside the CURewards Center, you will see your current points total displayed at the top right of the screen. From here you can find exciting travel options and premium merchandise (including UMaine only items) as well as cash back redemption options and more.


To take advantage of the Cash Back options that come with your UMAA Platinum Rewards VISA Card, click on the Cash option in the main navigation.

You have two options for cash redemption: use your points to make a donation to a charity or the UMaine Alumni Association, or redeem your points for cash back.


Click on Travel in the main navigation to be directed to the expanded travel rewards center.

From here, you can book any flight, hotel, cruise or car rental.


Click on Merchandise in the main navigation to search based on hot items, popular categories or by brand. You may also shop for UMaine items by clicking Shop University.


Not only does The UMAA Platinum Rewards Visa Card give you elite travel rewards and high value cardholder benefits such as no annual fee, it also offers rewards exclusive to University of Maine including UMaine gear and using your points to donate to the University of Maine Alumni Association.

Applying for the card is simple. Apply online by clicking on the "Apply Now" button below, or call us at 800 696 8628.