U Financially Fit Teen Promotion

Thank you for visiting the UCU member education platform, U Financially Fit Teen. Here are the qualifications for the incentive program for playlist completion.

Login & complete each playlist and earn $25 from UCU!*

*To qualify, users must login to the U Financially Fit Teen education platform to have their record updated for completion. Users of the U Financially Fit Teen platform must be UCU members aged 13-17 with a UCU account in good standing. Each playlist completed earns $25 and will be paid one time per playlist, per qualified member. There are a total of three (3) playlists that may be completed, Savings, Budgeting, Investing. The total amount of incentive available per qualified member is $75 if all three individual playlists are completed. Incentive payment will be paid directly to UCU member within 60 days of completion of a playlist. Incentive begins January 1, 2022 and will end at credit union discretion.

U Financially Fit Teen

U Financially Fit Teen features three engaging playlists of content, each made up of three to five 10-minute modules. The modules are developed for 7th-12th grade students and feature timely & relevant storylines, diverse characters, and fun interactions to engage students around critical financial topics. Click to get started.