Three Advantages to Using a Credit Union for Your Mortgage

When it comes to choosing a home to purchase, you likely think long and hard about its location. After all, they say that location, location, and location are the three most important qualities in a home. That’s because a house with a good location can provide you with a significant long-term return on your investment as well as convenient access to community amenities.

And when it comes to buying a home, where you get your mortgage is also important because not all lenders are equal. In fact, there are three distinct advantages to borrowing from a credit union.

  1. You matter to the credit union

At credit unions like UCU, we’re owned by our members, not by shareholders. That means that we’re accountable first and foremost to you. Because of this, our mortgage lenders are personally invested in knowing our members and your goals – and want to help you reach them.

We see you as an individual with unique borrowing needs.

  1. Credit unions have more flexible qualifications

At UCU, we make all our mortgage lending decisions locally, one at a time. We look at each applicant’s unique background, qualifications, and circumstances and have greater flexibility to approve loans than you’ll find elsewhere. And because we can customize our loans to suit each member’s unique needs, we can keep the quality of our loans high and enable more members to become homeowners.

  1. Lower Rates

Because UCU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we don’t have shareholders to appease. Instead, we return our profits to our members in the form of benefits – like lower mortgage rates and lower loan costs.

Think of these as your “location, location, location” in choosing a mortgage lender. Where are the lender’s priorities – on you or your money? Where do they set the bar for qualifying for a loan? And where are their rates? Borrowing at a credit union like UCU can turn all of these factors into advantages for you.

If you’re looking for a mortgage lender, we’d like to share more with you about all we have to offer. Give us a call at (800) 696-8628 – or learn more about our mortgages online.