Eating Healthy on a Budget to Reduce Stress

November 15, 2016

By Lesley Ridge, Campus Branch Manager, USM Brooks Student Center, Gorham

There are a lot of stressors in everyday life. One way to keep your stress down is to eat healthy and stay on budget. Sometimes it seems easier to not think about it, and just grab and go, right? Wrong! Over time this way of eating is expensive, and is not as healthy as some of the tips we have for you!

  • Try to buy fresh produce when in season and freeze. The $1 Blueberries on sale in summer will be awesome in fall/winter in smoothies, oatmeal, and cereal to name a few.
  • Buy sale items and plan meals around them. The sale meat items could make three different meals, stretch your dollar!
  • Try less expensive cuts meat. Marinate, grill, and ask your grocery meat manager some tips on this!
  • Make meals bulky with rice and beans. An inexpensive way of making a meal last.
  • Plan/Prep meals. This will save you money and is a known way of eating healthier.
  • Try different foods.
  • Organize your fridge/use leftovers. Keep your fridge clean and up to date with food to minimize waste.
  • Try local farmers markets. Usually, at end of day, these markets tend to mark down fresh food which is a steal. #BuyLocal

Once you get used to these tips to help improve healthy eating, it will also make your wallet happy!