Staying connected during a pandemic

Staying Connected During a Pandemic

By Lesley Ridge, Campus Branch Manager at UCU

We are roughly about six months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are used to mask wearing, keeping social distance, and excessive hand washing by now. Through all this, many have probably felt at one time or another, scared, anxious, or tired, and may have asked, “when will everything be normal again?” or, “do I even know what normal is anymore?”

Keeping Connections Strong

One thing that we all miss is the personal connections we have made along the way, or the excitement of building a new relationship personally or professionally. To some people, it is that weekly visit to their credit union to see their favorite teller, or to a restaurant and see that server who knows what your favorite dish is without even ordering, (Yes-my server knows Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap, Sweet Potato Fries, and Ranch instead of Bleu Cheese!) or the local barista who knows your coffee fix.  Whatever it may be, it is now more important than ever to keep those personal connections strong, whether from a safe distance or virtually.

Technology Steps Up

Technology has definitely stepped up to the plate and has made a terrible situation doable so we can at least communicate from afar.  (Thank you Zoom for being so friendly, so I can keep my workouts and family connections going!) It seems that every industry has used the power of remote services to continue to function. The financial industry has continued to serve its customers/members remotely with different E-services to keep everyone ‘plugged in’ and able to transact through online banking, apps on mobile devices, or even through online chat. If someone did not feel comfortable with an E-service feature before this pandemic started, it provided an opportunity to learn convenient and safe ways to manage their finances.

UCU offers many options to access your accounts remotely:

Whether face to face or by virtual means, we continue to be here for U!

Lesley Ridge, CCUFC

(Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor)

Campus Branch Manager