UCU contactless payments

Contactless Payments – Sign Me Up!

Have you added your UCU cards to your digital wallet?

As we begin to get out and about, frequenting stores such as grocery stores or gas stations, they likely accept contactless payments. This includes Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. These payment methods work by storing your card information within your phone’s ‘wallet’ and hovering your phone over the contactless payment terminal when checking out of a store.

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Adding your UCU card to your digital wallet is quick and easy

Follow the steps for your device, and in a few short minutes you’ll have your card handy in your digital wallet. No need to bring along your wallet or purse when you head out, you’ve got your payment info stored right in your phone on a secure platform.

Contactless payments are encrypted for your security

After you add your cards to your mobile device, they are encrypted. This means a unique code is created that replaces your card information so your card number is never stored on your device, and is never seen by merchants when you pay. Instead, a unique code is assigned for every purchase you make so the purchase information from your payment stays private and secure.

What are you waiting for?

We all have our phones at the ready, take a few minutes and add this convenient and contactless feature!
Click here to learn more about each of the options with using your mobile phone or smartwatch to pay!